Were Gonna Let It Rip!

So, let’s begin by saying we’re going to be picking up right where we left off. Lucky for us our webmaster is going to be able to get all of our old content back and we are going to be putting it up on the website very soon. We were unlucky to have forgotten to renew out website and we were also unlucky in regards to missing all of the email they sent us stating that it was going to be auctioned off. We were lucky though that we were able to get our website back from the person that purchased it at auction.

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This was very nice of them and they only charged us a nominal fee to cover the work they had put into it. We were so lucky that they were understanding of our situation and by no means did they need to legally sell it back to us. Because of this we are looking at things from a new direction and we are going to be redesigning out entire website to better help our readers. We are going to be covering the same topics and information as we were before but we will not be doing so with a brand new design.

Gonna Be A Nice Buildout!!

We will be putting up a lot of the old content because that content was generating a lot of traffic and getting a lot of user engagement but we will also be consolidating that content and we will be adding more content that will go into greater detail and cover a wider range of targets. We hope you can stick with us for just a little bit longer while our web designer creates and builds our website.

In the mean time we will be adding content to our site so you have content and information to read in the mean time. It should only be a little while longer before we officially go live again, we have just about everything done, we just need to get a few more things in line and we should be 100% good to go. Thanks again for your understanding and we look forward to talking will you all again very soon!

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